 : : 80x100 .
:  : 
: : 
-  5,000 
Name : Saranya Chaiwong Size : 80x100 cm.
Academy : Kawilawittayalai School Literature : Kwan Song
Title :I am a temple child Medium : Acrylic paint on wood
Code : 13-031 Price : 5,000 THB
According to Kwan Song, everyone can be a good human being if he pushes himself to the light of wisdom by his ability and appropriate environment.
I am impressed by Kwan Song who is an orphan and has a chance to grow up in the temple. However, he has a conflicts of his family and wants to have a normal life
like the others. He used to have a chance to be involved in the family again but was discarded later on. Hence, he made his decision to get ordained and made temple like home
and school where the monks can educate the other to live together peacefully. Temple can be home for anyone who needs. My paint displays a life of an orphan who turns out to
be a monk and the temple. This shows the value of self is an important part to live on happily in the society. “We cannot choose where we were born; we can choose how we can