: : 107x107 .
:   : 
: : 
-  ,000 
Name : Wanawan Sirijinno Size : 107x107 cm.
Academy : Party Art Gallery School Literature : Temple Boys
Title :Food from the monks bowl Medium : Sewing and Acrelic paint on canvas
Code : 13-030 Price : ,000 THB
After being offered food from the villagers, an old monk ate a little from his bowl while his temple boys managed the rest of it. He raised them as much as he could do.
When they were eating in circle, he always got everyone in his control with his merciness and ordered them to behave themselves.
I enjoyed reading his story and the old monk because of his kindness providing on the temple boys like they are his family members. Temple is like a home for them,
and the monk has to take care of food and educate those boys. In spite of his sickness, the monk gets worried of them. Thus, temple is like home school where the temple boys
spent their quality time growing up to be the high qualified people nowadays.