:  : 49x70 .
: : 
:  : 
-  5,000 
Name : Saranphon Rodchan Size : 49x70 cm.
Academy : Narknarwaouptump School Literature : The Happiness of Kati
Title : Happy Lunch Boxes Medium : Color pencil And Crayon
Code : 13-009 Price : 5,000 THB
“Hru” is a uniformed lunchbox holder as if she was a maid in town mayor office. “Hru” is an luxury car stopping right in front of a school. “Hru” is a pattern paint on the
stack of lunch boxes which contain warm rice, hot soup, and unknown multi-national dishes because no one has a chance to talk with “Hru”. “Hru” always arrives at the canteen
before time and departs when the afternoon class starts. The bell for the break rings loudly, so Kati and her friends run along the stairs to the canteen and passes Pee Thong in
front of the teacher’s office. Pee Thong smiles and heads to the temple. He tells everyone that there are lines of buffets waiting for him.
When arriving home, Kati cleans her lunch boxes for her grandma preparing her meal tomorrow. At night, the lunch boxes might ask the stove about the grandma’s daily
activities apart from getting angry with grandpa.
 
This is the story of dearest lunch boxes called “Hru” by the students. Everyday the students need to take their lunch boxes to the canteen before going to the classroom
and, in imagination, most lunch boxes might talk about what is filled up inside them. How tasty it is? Who cooks it? Everything has cooked with love and care. Most of lunch
boxes whisper about “Hru” who always shows herself off. This picture is about the lunch boxes filled up with story and memory of Kati.