: : 40x60 .
: : 
:  : 
-  8,000 
Name : Salil Tangfungkeat Size : 40x60 cm.
Academy : Kajornrangsan Municipal School Literature : Mamiew And Her Friends
Title : Bovorn Medium : Mixed media
Code : 13-004 Price : 8,000 THB
The naughty lives of Mamiew and Som Juk, her close friend, including her classmates come to draw the laughter relentlessly. Mamiew views the school as her
playground, her race, and her place for discussion which is her favourite activity. More amusing stories to come and more activities we want to try. Some of the activities we have
tried when we were young and want to try them again. Luckily for Mamiew, she has her understanding family, friends and dearest community. No matter how naughty she is. She
is still a good and innocent girl.
Mamiew is a story of a naughty girl whom I share many things in common, such as age, and school in the temple. This inspires me to express my thoughts and feelings to
my picture.