: : 56x76 .
:  : 
:  : 
-  8,000 
Name : Rayaporn Thongchawee Size : 56x76 cm.
Academy : BannSuanSil Lookjeab School Literature : When Grandma Was at My Age
Title : Happiness under an Umbrella Medium : Chalk color
Code : 13-003 Price : 8,000 THB
Most plays of the kids can be seasonal while playing with elastic bands is all time favourite. People simply use elastic bands to tie some of their packages or some bags.
Some girls use these color bands as their accessory for their wrists whereas the boys use a number of bands to make their belts which make them look smart. Sometimes, the
generous boys will use their elastic belts for skipping with friends because of the elastic quality.
As kids are always enjoy with the play, they can learn and develop themselves physically, mentally, and socially through the fun they get. Acceptance of being,
adaptation, and generosity among friends also happen during the elastic band play. Obviously, this book has displayed the relationship between the temple and home
during the grandma’s time. Temples are the place where kids go to learn and do many activities. People takes something they learn from monks to do good deeds. They
learn how to work at home. Sometimes, people in the community are likely to gather at the temple to conduct rituals. The kids will be absorbed this kinds of activities and
grow graciously in the future.