: : 45x63 cm.
:  : 
:  : 
-  10,000 
Name : Thanakon Saenthawisuk Size : 45x63 cm.
Academy : Banthaisamakkhi School Literature : Festival in the Field
Title : Festival in the Field Medium : Mixed media
Code : 13-002 Price : 10,000 THB
After the downpour, Petch sneaks out of his wooden house and starts running into the field. He absorbed the sweetness of the soil. All the farms are wet and filled with the
croaks from the frogs and their families. The cotton clouds float over the tall palm trees. The leaves flows along the cool wind which comes greeting his body. The warm hearted
villagers and food supply are abundant, so there is no need to seize greedily for the resource. The peaceful life and generosity allows the kids to hang out freely in the field. The
nature is the huge playground for them, such as bird-shooting with elastic bands, fish catching, kite-flying, or top-twisting. Sometimes, they can enjoy themselves at the temple
fair with various kid activities. Thus, the nature can be the classroom and the playground where the kids learn to grow strong.
I enjoy reading this book and want to reread as the characters have come to live and invite me to be one of them. If compared myself with one of the characters, Petch.
He has a close friend named Yongkhu. This story has invited the readers to have a real touch of the rare rural life interweaving with farms, villages, temples and children's
activities. I, hence, created this art piece with two-dimensional and semi-tridimensional techniques. This picturagues the kid flying kites, bird-shooting with the elastic bands, and
fish catching. I have crafted my art piece with my heart and have hoped you smile at my creation which makes you feel like retrieving your younger years.